Home far away from home

This was inspired by the two times OSCAR AWARD nominated film titled "COMING TO AMERICA''. Ever since then people have been wondering if Zamunda really exists.

Zamunda is a fictitious wealth and beautiful nation located in a Decentralized Cardano blockchain, this country will forever live in the utopian verse. The Zamundian are ruled by monarchs, they are the custodian of culture and tradition in the Zamunda metaverse.

Zamunda is an un-colonized nation mapped to the real world, with notable civilization and infrastructural development. The monastery is the cardano founder, and a big name in the global tech industry.

Over 300 Years of Prosperity Is Not a Cinch

To survive and enjoy exquisite treatment in the kingdom, citizens need to have rare denominations of Zam Dollar or ZMD token.

NFT Samples

The pride of Zamunda nation is our Good leaders and natural resources which are perfectly depicted on Zamunda dollar currency Notes.

Policy id: c05fa074cd4a9718fccc1f7b2b081e688f6b2689d2587da10bb9e217

45 ADA ====== 1 to 3000

50 ADA ======== 3000 to 10000

Real Estate Infrastructure

Real estate infrastructures sample that will be available for public ownership in Zamunda metaverse

Landowners in the Zamunda Metaverse

Become landowners in the Zamunda and start building your empire.

Gaming in Zamunda metaverse

A decentralized application for Entertainment and Educational purposes like real estate business orientation, property business management with, leveraging your skills to become real estate magnate.

Zamunda Metaverse Tokenomics

Zamunda token (5%) will be airdropped to Early bird investors of Zamunda nft currency.

Zamunda Dollar/Native token will be used in the metaverse.

You are not eligible to purchase any ZMD token or Zamunda dollar NFT in the Zamunda public/private sales (as referred to in the Whitepaper) if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise), or green card holder of the United States of America or Singapore, or any country where trading of cryptocurrency token is illegal.

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